The world is experiencing rapid economic and population growth that is exacerbating the potential of a dire environmental crisis. Humankind is facing the challenge of how to become less dependent on environmentally harmful resources such as fossil fuels like petroleum that are also rapidly vanishing. We consume energy as if from an ever-filling cup, but in reality, the reservoir is finite. With renewable energy sources, however, we can make the cup overflow and limit our exposure to these resources. Instead of continuing to deplete these limited eco-unfriendly resources, we must seize the opportunity to use the latest green technologies to generate this so much needed electricity. We at INFLUX INC are transforming the world’s energy consumption into a sustainable model by leveraging our collective experience and accomplishments in the design, development, construction and operation of renewable energy power plants. We deliver high-quality and robust technical solutions to enable power produced from natural energy sources that are ethical and provide a safe and stable supply of energy.
INFLUX INC helps clients efficiently establish solar plants by consolidating and undertaking site development, engineering, and government negotiations. Transparency in investment costs is critical; for this reason, we have construction expenses independently verified. In addition, we maintain remote control of power plants in response to emergency situations.
INFLUX INC establishes windmills both at sea and on land for two types of wind power generation: offshore and onshore wind power. We propose better environments for wind power generation through analyzing and predicting wind conditions.
INFLUX INC develops biomass power plants that operate by extracting combustible gas from fermented organic waste (such as cattle manure). INFLUX INC is currently involved in the development of several 1MW of Biomass power plants in Japan. Biomass-fired power plants produce electricity and heat by burning biomass in a boiler and significantly reduce CO2 emissions. Furthermore, the raw material by-product from this production process can be used safely as fertilizer.
INFLUX INC is engaged in the commercialization of renewable energy, focusing on solar and wind power (onshore and offshore),
We will undertake the planning, design, etc. of the transmission line construction work in a lump.
INFLUX is leading the research & development of the FLUX CAPACITOR, a battery with superior qualities and features compared to today’s lithium batteries. The FLUX CAPACITOR has a 20-year life span, high output, high density and fast charging abilities. These features combined with a low unit production cost and adhering to the highest safety standards will make certain that this hybrid capacitor will capture the world’s attention before too long.